Friday, December 26, 2008


There are Christmas traditions, and then there are Christmas Traditions.

Of all the traditions I've heard about, from putting out milk and cookies for Santa, to observing the twelve days of Christmas, I think, possibly that my family's traditions are the most eclectic.

It all starts on Christmas Eve. This year all my little sisters could think of was Christmas Eve. This Christmas Eve, at 8am both of my little sisters were running up and down the hall screaming, "Merry Christmas!" (from Mary Asta) and "Mewwy Chistmas!!" (from Lily Ava). As Lily Ava followed me down the stairs to breakfast she shouted "Mewwy Chistmas!" and being the benevolent older sister I am, I reminded her, "It's Christmas Eve, Lily Ava." She corrected herself. "Mewwy Chistmas Eve! Ho ho ho!"

The reason for their excitement is because, according to Norweigan Tradition, our family opens presents under the tree on Christmas Eve night. We open our stockings that Santa has filled on Christmas morning. It's tradition. On Christmas Eve night, we go to the Christmas Eve service and then come home have dessert, and after dessert, we all gather around the piano (which is preferably close to the Christmas Tree) and according to tradition we sing several Christmas Carols. We gather with hymn books that my mom has collected and we sing. It's torture. There are presents under the tree that are just begging to be opened. We finally sit down and open the presents. It's fun.

Christmas morning, Santa (or Daddy) has put out and filled our stockings. Normally we have lots weird stocking stuffers. Enough said.

That's not the only weird thing. Our food is kinda funny too. We have fish for Christmas Eve dinner. For Christmas Eve dinner, we start with dessert. We normally have dinner right about 2, 2:30 pm. We start with rice pudding. If you find an Almond in yours, you get a candy pig. It's wonderful. Then we have fish. Normally some Norwegian type. It's really rather interesting. Yay Fish.

Now it's your turn. What are your weird Christmas traditions? Can you beat mine?

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Of Mayhem, Mutiny and Mondays-that-could-be-better

I've had enough.

These past two days are enough to make me want to retire from the world. I'll live in my own little world. It's ok, I know they'll like me there.

Yesterday was amazing. If you've ever wondered what a Monday is supposed to be like, well, read this and you'll soon know what.

Plane tickets. All I can say is be careful whose name they're in. They're a pain. I had to spend lots of money. Yay. This was before 10am.

After 10am, I felt ready to go back to bed. Our family cars are on the fritz, and never more so then yesterday. It was one string of bad news after the other, it seemed, right up until about 12 noon. And after that it started looking up.

The entire day I felt like my eyelids were going to close on me for good.

Then today, I got up at 4:40 am to work from 5:15 till 12 noon.

I'm a lifeguard. There is this thing called a drop test. The insurance agency we've hired requires these. They're stupid. A lap swimmer drops a flag in the water, surreptitiously. The lifeguard on the stand has 10 seconds to spot it, and 10 seconds to retrieve it. Only one person has passed it. We're supposed to do it every day. After the first five or six days, no one could find the stupid flags. I found them this morning. We have splash buckets in the play pool that are about 7 feet off the bottom of the pool. They fill with water and overturn on the little tykes. Someone had hidden the flags in the splash buckets. They all fell out when I turned the buckets on. One of them got stuck. We hid them again. Elsewhere. Yes, it's insubordination. Yes, it's mutiny.

Yes, my week will be and IS full of Mayhem.

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I've now gone three whole days without a splint on my middle finger. The feeling is glorious, the freedom amazing, the pain--not so much. While the bone is healed, the jam is not. Yay 6 week splint. Good new, I can play instruments. Bad news, I still feel like my finger's going to give out on me and twinge unpleasantly at any moment. Oh well. How do the french say it? Oh yeah. C'est la vie! Such is life.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Poem addition

You remember the short, silly poem I posted about two down? Yeah, so I scribbled that on the desk I was sitting in. I came back on Thursday and lo and behold, someone had added to it! I was shocked! I added another verse to theirs. So far, we have three verses down.

The hair of my true love is green.
The skin of my true love is blue.
The lips of my true love are bright cherry red,
Altogether a really great hue!

The toes of my true love are thirteen.
The fingers of my true love are nine.
And if asked what my true love looked like,
I'd reply that they simply look fine.

The ears of my true love are round.
The eyes of my true love are gold.
The arms of my true love are pretty and strong,
The strength of them yet still untold.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I knew it!

Subject line of mail in my spam box: You're not crazy, everything's really FREE!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008

4 lines, 3 colors

The hair of my true love is green.
The skin of my true love is blue.
The lips of my true love are bright cherry red.
Altogether a great, brilliant hue!

if you're wondering, I scribbled this on the desk I sit in for English. Hopefully the person who sits there next will be sufficiently weirded out.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Thought for the day:

The world is right, when snow makes it white.

Needless to say.... "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We have about half an inch on the ground already, and it's supposed to snow more tonight and tomorrow and then thursday and friday. I'm stoked. I feel like a little kid again.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Flame tagged me. Six random things about myself. w00t.

1. I jammed my finger on the fifth attempt to catch it. I'd caught it all four previous times. I'm now on a type of "bedrest" from violin and all musical instruments besides the radio.

2. Boone's weather has suddenly gotten colder and blustery-er and I've suddenly gotten more cheerful.

3. I keep spacing out, and I really don't have any reason to.

4. The eyelashes on my right eye are shorter/more stunted in growth then the eyelashes on my left eye because of a habit I've had since I was a baby.

5. I hate writers block.

6. I wish this number was seven. I like the number seven better then six.

I only have four people who read this blog...and they've all been tagged before. Sooo, I tag anyone who decides to read this blog. :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Musings #2

Recently, my fall break decided to spring itself upon me. Or rather, fall upon me. Spring break springs upon me. My bad. There was a moment there where I was unsure if it would be a good fall break, but like all breaks, this one was rather nice. Having two little adoring sisters at home helps.

I spent a lot of time driving here and there and everywhere. I spent a teensy bit of time with just about everyone. Except for Grace, that is. Grace I spent the most time with, simply because we were in the car for six hours together, at least. I'm shocked she didn't comment more on my driving. You shouldn't either.

Over fall break, I tried vainly to pick up New Moon, by Stephanie Meyer, for those of you who are constantly stuck in the closet. It's not the first time I've read it. In fact, it's the third. I own all four books, and can pick them up at leisure. I had just finished Twilight for the third time and decided that picking up New Moon (because that's the next book) wouldn't be a bad thing. I read maybe two chapters. All of them during the depressing part of the book. Now, you're going to think that I'm a little crazy, but I, and I think every girl that has had a relationship that didn't work (doesn't have to be with a boyfriend), can relate to Bella during this book. The feelings of inadequacy. Knowing that maybe if you'd been more interesting or beautiful or something maybe it would have worked. Stephanie Meyer makes the ending beautiful, telling the readers that Edward telling Bella that he didn't want her was "the blackest kind of hypocrisy." I love it.

Needless to say, I've been getting increasingly excited over Twilight, the books and the movie. My only hope is that the movie actually does it justice. I've read a lot of interviews where the actors say that they think the movie does do it justice, but I almost doubt that. Eh, call me a sceptic.

Look at that, I've managed to tangent. I didn't think this post was going to be about twilight, or that it wasn't going to be all about fall break. huh. Well, make the best of it. If you will, I will. Good think I waited till the last sentence to think up a title for this post.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday my world imploded on me. Or rather just my emotions. You could also call it a massive failure in bottling. It's probably wrong of me to look at an implosion of emotion as intrusive, but I do, and I hate crying for that reason. Sure, I'm all for the lovey-dovey emotions of romance, but when it comes to sorrow and crying, I can't stand it. Maybe because one is sad, the other is happy. You tell me. All I know is that the friends who came along side me in prayer yesterday and offered hugs were not intrusive in the very least! It was exactly the thing I needed. This makes me come away saying "I love my friends". :)

Thank God for people he places in your life, because you don't know how long any of you is going to be around. These people are precious because you have time with them. That's not something we often think about. Shame on us.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

First Musing

Is there anything I can say here? I've been giving the urge to write, but I really don't know what I'd say. Yes, I know how to blog. Yes, I've blogged before. This is merely my first time blogging here. I have trouble thinking. Lots of trouble deciding if my words need to be written down. Then I remember that if I don't write my words down, some day I will forget them. I don't want to forget, though it might be easier. Who knows. You tell me.