Friday, December 26, 2008


There are Christmas traditions, and then there are Christmas Traditions.

Of all the traditions I've heard about, from putting out milk and cookies for Santa, to observing the twelve days of Christmas, I think, possibly that my family's traditions are the most eclectic.

It all starts on Christmas Eve. This year all my little sisters could think of was Christmas Eve. This Christmas Eve, at 8am both of my little sisters were running up and down the hall screaming, "Merry Christmas!" (from Mary Asta) and "Mewwy Chistmas!!" (from Lily Ava). As Lily Ava followed me down the stairs to breakfast she shouted "Mewwy Chistmas!" and being the benevolent older sister I am, I reminded her, "It's Christmas Eve, Lily Ava." She corrected herself. "Mewwy Chistmas Eve! Ho ho ho!"

The reason for their excitement is because, according to Norweigan Tradition, our family opens presents under the tree on Christmas Eve night. We open our stockings that Santa has filled on Christmas morning. It's tradition. On Christmas Eve night, we go to the Christmas Eve service and then come home have dessert, and after dessert, we all gather around the piano (which is preferably close to the Christmas Tree) and according to tradition we sing several Christmas Carols. We gather with hymn books that my mom has collected and we sing. It's torture. There are presents under the tree that are just begging to be opened. We finally sit down and open the presents. It's fun.

Christmas morning, Santa (or Daddy) has put out and filled our stockings. Normally we have lots weird stocking stuffers. Enough said.

That's not the only weird thing. Our food is kinda funny too. We have fish for Christmas Eve dinner. For Christmas Eve dinner, we start with dessert. We normally have dinner right about 2, 2:30 pm. We start with rice pudding. If you find an Almond in yours, you get a candy pig. It's wonderful. Then we have fish. Normally some Norwegian type. It's really rather interesting. Yay Fish.

Now it's your turn. What are your weird Christmas traditions? Can you beat mine?

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Where do you get the candy pig?

    I don't know that we have any weird traditions... we usually mess with the Nativity scene (make them all hold matches... put them in strange places...) but we didn't really do it this year. This year was really FAST. It was weird.

    My word verification is metro, in honor of Christmas going fast.