Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Of Mayhem, Mutiny and Mondays-that-could-be-better

I've had enough.

These past two days are enough to make me want to retire from the world. I'll live in my own little world. It's ok, I know they'll like me there.

Yesterday was amazing. If you've ever wondered what a Monday is supposed to be like, well, read this and you'll soon know what.

Plane tickets. All I can say is be careful whose name they're in. They're a pain. I had to spend lots of money. Yay. This was before 10am.

After 10am, I felt ready to go back to bed. Our family cars are on the fritz, and never more so then yesterday. It was one string of bad news after the other, it seemed, right up until about 12 noon. And after that it started looking up.

The entire day I felt like my eyelids were going to close on me for good.

Then today, I got up at 4:40 am to work from 5:15 till 12 noon.

I'm a lifeguard. There is this thing called a drop test. The insurance agency we've hired requires these. They're stupid. A lap swimmer drops a flag in the water, surreptitiously. The lifeguard on the stand has 10 seconds to spot it, and 10 seconds to retrieve it. Only one person has passed it. We're supposed to do it every day. After the first five or six days, no one could find the stupid flags. I found them this morning. We have splash buckets in the play pool that are about 7 feet off the bottom of the pool. They fill with water and overturn on the little tykes. Someone had hidden the flags in the splash buckets. They all fell out when I turned the buckets on. One of them got stuck. We hid them again. Elsewhere. Yes, it's insubordination. Yes, it's mutiny.

Yes, my week will be and IS full of Mayhem.

Merry Christmas!

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