Saturday, January 3, 2009

You think YOU'RE lazy?

A conversation via Google talk, Mom had with me while I was sitting at my computer upstairs.

Mom: Hana, could you please call Daddy and ask him to get on google talk, or come up here?

Hana: ROFL

Mom: what are you ROFLing about?

Hana: oh the irony
you IM me to ask me to call Dad

Mom: at least you didn't call me lazy.

Hana: ROFL
I'm calling home
don't pick up

Mom: do you think he'll answer?

Hana: possibly
congrats you two...Mom is officially now lazier then Dad...

He picked up. He came upstairs. It was epic.


  1. That is... amazing. ROFL.

    My word verification is "dustious". BAHA. Do with THAT what you like. Dustious!

  2. lol! Thats really funny. I was just hanging out with some good old friends of mine, and they were calling each other one the phone.