Thursday, October 9, 2008


Yesterday my world imploded on me. Or rather just my emotions. You could also call it a massive failure in bottling. It's probably wrong of me to look at an implosion of emotion as intrusive, but I do, and I hate crying for that reason. Sure, I'm all for the lovey-dovey emotions of romance, but when it comes to sorrow and crying, I can't stand it. Maybe because one is sad, the other is happy. You tell me. All I know is that the friends who came along side me in prayer yesterday and offered hugs were not intrusive in the very least! It was exactly the thing I needed. This makes me come away saying "I love my friends". :)

Thank God for people he places in your life, because you don't know how long any of you is going to be around. These people are precious because you have time with them. That's not something we often think about. Shame on us.

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