Friday, May 29, 2009

Flash Back

My word. I'm feeling old.

Friday (or Saturday if we're feeling lazy) is cleaning day. We do our respective jobs or switch off and do a different job, and normally I like to crank up some sort of working music. That's why I was in my brother's bedroom today looking at his CDs. My music had gotten boring and he normally has really rockin' music. I know, I know.

What I didn't know was that I was about to be shocked. Two from the bottom of his rack, sat a neon green on black CD. On the label was the title of the band and then the name of the CD: The Promise. I had to straighten up quickly and shout out the door, "William! You have my Plus One CD?!" I, personally, had thought that my Plus One CDs had gotten lost in the clutter of moving to this house.

Let me explain. There were five guys in this little band. It was epic. They got "New Artist of the Year" award in...are you ready for this?...2001. That's eight. EIGHT. 8. years ago. Wow. Now, if you're doing your math correctly, and you're about my age (21) you'll remember that during that time there were two bands on the "secular" music stage, N'Sync and Backstreet boys. (FLASHBACK!!!) Remember how they were so popular? Well, Christian music, which was all I listened to back then (give me a break, my parents were my music muses, and they listened to christian and classical... I was 13!), Christian music decided to copy the secular industry's boy band idea and pull together five guys for a "Christian boy band". They called the band "Plus One", as you can see by the cover on your left. Christian girls were quickly obsessed with them. Oh. Em. Gee! *cough*


As things would have it, I fell in love, and joined the fangirl-dom. My bestfriend Katie Beth did too. We knew all the names. Actually, from left to right on that album cover (and this is without looking them up) that's Nathan, Gabe, Jeremy, Jason, and Nate. I loved Nate...And Jason. And Katie Beth and I laughed at Gabe's hair. Enough said. We were obsessed. I had dreams about Plus One showing up and singing just for me. I memorized every single word on both their albums. (yes both their albums. They had a christmas album, but those rarely count, 'cause everyone has those.) I mourned when they broke up...or in other words, two of them left to go where God called. And now, about once a year, probably longer then that I am reintroduced to them.

As I write, I'm listening to "The Promise". It's very dated music, but I actually still like it. Sorta. Part of me can't believe I was that obsessed with them, but let's just say that my favorite concert of all time was the concert that my dad took me and Katie Beth and Grace and one of her friends to go see. The main act was Plus One. Of course.

Here's to all of you out there who have been "reintroduced" to Plus One through reading this, or finding a dusty CD somewhere in a box in your attic, or in my case, in your brother's CD rack. It's ok to let the fangirl-dom die. They are, after all, probably married and have kids now.


  1. Wow... definitely a flashback! To tell you the truth, the graphic at the top gave me a major flashback all by itself. ;-) When did I make that? It was YEARS ago.

  2. To tell YOU the truth, I didn't even REALIZE you'd made it. It's just something I HAD, lying around my hard drive...

  3. LOL. Yup, that's definitely one of mine. :-) Ironic, huh?