Monday, May 18, 2009

I'm chaotic...

Derrick: do you like big band music?

Me: depends on what it is

Derrick: Glen Miller, Percy Faith Orchestra
wait PFO isn't big band

Me: not WHO... WHAT.

videos speak louder with pictures and words

Me: ok, I'll try watching that AFTER Esther

Derrick: you'll either immediately recognize it or you're officially from Mars

Me: yeah, I definitely recognize this. I've danced to this
it's a ton of fun to swing too

Derrick: yeah, it reminds me of rose red

Me: huh?

Derrick: a stephen king movie

Me: oh

Derrick: the movie centers around an autistic girl and that's the only song she ever listens to, it makes her happy

Me: well, it would make ME happy

Derrick: you're already happy enough
it would overstimulate you into disaster

Me: not all the time, but generally yes
I AM a disaster

Derrik: *catastrophe
sorry, typo

Me: I'm a catastrophe too!

Derrick: You can't be all forms of chaos!!!

Me: I can SO be!

Derrick: That's it! I'm sending FEMA after you
they're a-comin'
I'm listening to music from the 50's for seniors to workout to

Me: NOOO!!!! NO FEMA!!!
they're government related!
I'd rather have my community step in.

Derrick: this is an obama-nation
your government is your community

Me: O.O
I'm um...going now...

Derrick: they finally get there? Yeesh, FEMA's late for everything

Me: no, I'm NOT going with FEMA
I doubt they have the white coats to handle me

Derrick: ..........
good point