Sunday, January 2, 2011

Coming soon?

For Christmas I gave Michael a book by John Piper called God is the Gospel, talking about how God is the greatest gift of the gospel and how all the gifts God gives us through the gospel and salvation are only supposed to point to him. This got me thinking. If God is the ultimate beauty, how is He the ultimate beauty? We as humans are so visually based. When we pick friends, it's with people that we like the look of. Very rarely do we go out of the way to befriend people who look strange or different than we do.

However, God is invisible. If He is the ultimate beauty, we need to learn how to see the invisible traits of beauty in order to fully appreciate how beautiful He is. Sometimes the only way we, as visible-based creatures, can see God's invisible beauty is the same way we see the wind: the evidence of moving and changing things around us.

Why am I saying all this?

Because I think in the next several blogs, I'm going to focus on God's beauty. I'll pick a couple topics, such as His grace, mercy, salvation, creation, etc. and write about each one in a different post, because if I tried to write about all of them at once, the post would be longer than the recent post about Christmas. So, stay tuned for something having to do with God's beauty as I struggle through these thoughts of mine.

See you soon-ish!


  1. yay! i had a theory that you would post more from raleigh. :) this thought process is captivating...can't wait to hear its continuation.

  2. I draw a blank with "Nala." Is that an acronym? You don't have to say if you don't want. Anyway, great to see you blogging again. Are you sure you have time? Hope so.