Monday, November 2, 2009

whirling, twirling, down we go!

Well, happy November. With November comes Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving break, lots of tests, lots of other things, and everything in general is spiraling around my ears, taunting me and making fun of the fact that I feel like and am behind on my homework. Thank God for professors who are understanding and allow you to have different due dates. Extensions are life savers. Now, before you say, "You've been procrastinating!!" I get to say, "Not true! I was sick for about two and a half weeks!" And yes, I did just anticipate what you were going to say and slap down your accusation. Go me.

Now, little ol' me is going to go. I've got work to do! (She said in a very super-hero-esque way.)

ttfn! ta-ta for now!


  1. That's another one of my images! :-D

  2. I always liked the green and brown in that one. I had it as my desktop for quite some time. I also have another version with some red texture on top.