Monday, November 9, 2009

Something for the dance...I mean road...

Fiddle lessons are in the works. So are naps, rest stops and Thanksgiving breaks. A Gaelic Storm blew through here last night and left some toe tapping behind. Also ear bugs. They seem to thrive off the rumpus that is left in this Gaelic Storm's wake. Speaking of "wake", it's not like you can sleep when it blows through. It drones, rather like a bagpipe. One would have thought there was an entire brigade out there. I'm about to bow out, but I'd like to leave you with something that will resonate with your ear drums. And probably your toes.


  1. I was definitely just clogging back at my desk. Look how high Jessie holds her bow on that song. That's something a lot of fiddlers do for leverage but I haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

    They would be so cool to see in concert. Gosh.

  2. Man, and here I was hoping you'd comment on all my puns. ROFL.

  3. LOL. LISTEN... (Eric Herbert voice)... :-P