Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of Classes!

Classes started up today. I've had two already, and am looking at two more, at least. This isn't the final schedule either! It's good to be back in Boone, and even though I'm outside, it's overcast, so it makes it easier to see the computer screen.

Right at this moment, I'm sitting on Sanford Mall watching two different frisbee things happening. One is a large group with a lot of guys, maybe one girl, and the other is David and a girl named Hailey that I just met and Sammi. Sammi and David are RUFers and I think Hailey has potential to be. I'm watching and trying not to get hit with the hacky-sack that is being bopped around by two guys. They're fairly good. It is wet, but that's ok. I'm sitting on a notebook. The clouds look like they could either break up, or start raining. We'll see which happens.

My next class is astronomy, so, for the first time in my life, I get to really study the stars. The book looks like a bunch of rubbish, but that's ok, I guess, because I know the real way the universe started. I just hope that there isn't too much math. I don't care for math. Eh. It will be my first time in the CAP building, which is the Chemistry/Astronomy/Physics building. It'll be interesting. I just hope I can find the right room number.

I'm very excited about the fact that I got into the low strings class that I needed. It's an answered prayer. I just hope this next one works out. It's a class that happens every other fall, so I could technically take it next fall, but I really don't want to miss it this fall if it does happen this fall. It's a whole big screwed up mess. w00t!

Pray that I get a job. I need one.

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  1. I hope you learn to like math. It's really glorious. :-)

    You should see my Physics book... you'd get a kick out of the first chapter. I'm glad I know how the universe started too. ;-)