Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Love, and Amazingness

What is love? I've come to understand this more and more since my revolutionary discovery in march. I used to think that love was explained well in romance books, in the stories I read. The hero and heroine, in love, the hero doing acts of kindness for the heroine. Maybe the two of them would argue and mock each other through out most of the book, but then the hero does something that changes the way the heroine looks at him... or maybe they just realize that they've been meant for each other all this time.

I read a lot on FictionPress, and a while back, I read a story where this girl went through this really tough time and the guy who she fell in love with had helped her through her tough time. What really got me was the epilogue at the end of the story when it was the same girl about 3 years later dating another guy. The author had put in her note at the end of the story, "I know most of you are probably stunned and a little bit upset about the fact that she didn't stay with So & So, but it just isn't realistic! They were in high school! High school relationships don't last!"

This concept got me thinking. If we head into a relationship with anything don't we want it to last? We like a level of consistency in our lives. We expect friendships to last, and when they drift apart, some times it hurts. We expect our relationship with our car to last as long as the life of the car, and we expect that to be a very long life. We expect our pets to be around for ever. We also expect that these relationships and the love, or like, based around them isn't going to change, except for the better. Why else do we always smile and nod happily when we hear of a husband and wife who've been married for going on 40 years and were high school sweethearts before that?

God, as the author of love is infinite, unchanging and goes on "forever and ever and ever" (to quote DC*B). I feel like dancing and skipping and singing at the top of my lungs; shrieking because of this next amazing thing. Because God is the author of love, real love, true love does go on forever! It's not something that begins and then ends in the span of a week, month or even a year! If you are loving someone with God's love, the love God gave you for them then it's going to keep going! OH MY GOSH! IT'S AMAZING!! This is why we want to be able to have a relationship that lasts! To have a relationship that lasts, we must first have a lasting relationship with the who makes relationships.

As a side note, this is why gay relationships are wrong. The only type of right relationship is the one that God created. He specifically created a female for Adam, not another male. He made it so that females and males would work together to build a family and life better then two males. Besides, if he'd made two males, there would be no other humans. (yes, I know the falacy of this statement... God can do anything...)

As another side note, the thing we feel for each other in high school can turn into love, but most likely it is affection. Real and true love will most likely show itself over several years time. Too, real love is a steady thing, willing to sacrifice its own happiness for the happiness of the people/person it loves. Affection or emotions are a genuine thing that often lead to love, but affection or emotion by itself is a dangerous and often painful thing.

God is absolutely amazing.

On a completely different topic, I've been talking with my mentor, and my mother, and a couple of friends and have the feeling that God has been using at least these last two years of instruction (and for however long He feels like) as an instruction period before something amazing happens. God's going to do something amazing, and I can just feel it. Thank the Lord for his amazing mercies which are new each and every single morning.

That's all for now folks!

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  1. I just want to point out that yes, God can do anything, but He has put specific rules in place and He will not cross them. :-) He COULD have made water flow uphill, but He didn't, so it won't. And yeah, He could reverse that, but He won't as a normal thing.

    That's all. Good post. :-)