Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Firsts, lasts, and things I wish I knew

Today is the first day of many last days.

Now before you start freaking out and think I'm going all suicidal, let me explain. I'm not suicidal. I promise. Today is just my last first day of college classes. Unless something unexpected happens.

Today is the first day of classes of my senior year! Last night my dorm hall had a meeting, and as a question, the RA (or Resident Assistant) asked us to tell what year we were in college. Oddly enough, the whole hall is Sophomores and Seniors. I was one of the seniors, and it was very hard to say "Senior" as my year, because I feel like, not only have I been here for forever, but I also just started. When I started college I felt as if I had forever in front of me. Now I feel like 4 years was almost too short. So I thought (just now) that I would tell anyone five things that I wish I knew as a freshman, or listened to as a freshman, even if I knew them. And these are not in any order, really.

One, always communicate with your roommate. Don't just say "hi" or "bye" or "can I get to my bed, please?" but actually communicate with your roommate. If he or she is doing something you really really don't like, tell them because other than that, how are they supposed to know how to fix it? They can't read your mind!

Two, family is important. Even if your mom or dad is calling you constantly, take the time to talk to them. They're your biggest support line when you don't have friends, and are making them. Plus, they might be helping pay for your bill. It never hurts.

Three, coffee is good in moderation. I don't drink it, but I've seen friends who drink it all the time and it wipes out their meal plans. Also, on the same note, don't pull more all-nighters than you need.

Four, don't procrastinate! Then you really won't have to pull all-nighters! If you look for it, you'll find people and resources to help you with your homework and the stuff you don't understand. I promise. Help is out there.

Five, talk to your professors. If they remember you, chances are your grades will improve, and not necessarily because they know you, but more likely because you know them, and have taken the time to get to know them.

I'm sure I could say more, but I've got class to attend soon, and people to see before that, so enjoy what school you have, and may God bless your coming school year. After all, he's the one who has the master plan in front of him.

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  1. i was thinking about the last things, too. it feels crazy. and i totally have things i would tell my freshman self, too.

    love you, praying blessings on your senior year. :) (hugs)